Offroad Spain

Do you also like motorcycling and do you also want to get off the paved road? Then Offroad Spain really offers you the most beautiful routes in the hinterland of the Costa Braval. Offroad Spain originated from a passion for adventure and motorsport. Hardly anywhere in Europe are the trails and routes as beautiful as in this region of Catalonia.

The area is spacious, there are routes of about 120-135 kilometers per day and experienced guides accompany them, offering challenges for every rider. Usually we split into 2 or 3 groups of about 6 riders. Fast, medium and a bit slower ...

Led by the guides of Dakar legend Ronnie Renders, we go into the mountains, ride beautiful trails and forest roads. Sometimes a bit easy, sometimes a bit more difficult. But always fun!

We have lunch in small mountain restaurants and afterwards the beer or soft drink will be ready for you in the bar of Hotel Barcarola!

Rental or take your own bike with you, both are possible!

You can rent various off-road motorcycles through us. KTM450s, Yamaha250s, a large range is available. You can of course also come and drive your own motorcycle. Depending on the group, we can provide transport for this!

The hotel offers the possibility to safely store the motorbikes in the car park and next to the hotel is a petrol station with a cleaning area.

Offroad Spain is a MUST DO for every motorcyclist who loves adventure!

You can enjoy the Offroad Spain Packages in different ways, all aspects are shown below.The prices are indicative and must be requested for a specific booking:

Hospitality package: 3 nights hotel, including breakfast and dinner: € 199.50 per person

3 Days guide in groups of 4 to 8 people: € 74.50 per person

Motorcycle rental: € 85.00 per day / € 245.00 for 3 days

Motorcycle transport: € 1,895.00 for a maximum of 8 Enduro motorcycles, possibility to take a trailer, request can be made.