The perfect surroundings for amazing cycling

Catalonia, the perfect cycling region

Many kilometers of smooth asphalt are available for cyclists between the hills and mountains of Catalonia. Beautiful routes with various altimeters can be cycled, many kilometers can be made.

The Van der Valk Hotel in Spain, Hotel Barcarola, creates a perfect base for various training courses for cycling. With a covered and secure parking garage, swimming pool, fitness and massage room, important preconditions have been met for an effective and successful training camp. Of course with a well-catered breakfast, lunch and dinner and nice rooms to let the body rest again.

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Mountainbiken in foothills of the Pyrenees

Hotel Barcarola is located on the foothills of the Pyrenees with a beautiful hilly landscape as a hinterland. Many gravel paths and forest paths with various levels of difficulty offer unprecedented opportunities for great mountain biking.

Alone, with a group or even with a guide, everything is possible. Hotel Barcarola is a perfect base with a secure garage, a cleaning area within walking distance and of course a wonderful hotel treatment to rest after a strenuous trip!

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